Johnny Hart drew a cartoon of a bird sleeping on a turtles back. As they pass a crescent moon, the bird’s beak gets hung up on the moon. The bird said, “thank God absurdity has not gone out of the comics.”

I love that drawing can express a view point beyond the normal. The fanatic can not be achieved without a vision beyond the norm.

I worked in a factory. It seemed that any idea or thought beyond the ‘box’ was met with scorn automatic disapproval. Creativity was seen as rebellion.

“let me tell you why that work.” Was the answer I got to any idea I would have; often before my thought could be fully explained.

I quit trying. Fell in line and kept my thoughts to myself. No one is interested in the rank and file. Just do your job and don’t make waves.

So, a little part of a person dies. At best out is a unknown activity on one’s own time. “don’t you think your work wound be better if you weren’t involved in that thing you do after work?”

And then I was published in a magizine a for a while, it was okay that I am a little out there.

Nothing succeeds like success.