I did Tae kown-do, on again and off again, for twenty years. Met my wife there.

We did not have MMA.

I wish I had done other styles; Jujutsu, Muay Thai, kick boxing, and so on.

I dropped out to study boxing. I dropped out for a lot of pursuits. It was like leaving the church.

In fact for a long time, Taekwondo was my religion. We had a moral code. But, it was just a shadow of the truth.

I watched a Tae kown-do parady that was so bad it was good. Wish I could remember the name. About a master instructor of a little studio. Vain, and arrogant, he leads his students on a quest to employ a movie hero to promote his club. It is foolish and shallow.

Then, tonight, I watched the “Karate Kid”.

It brought back a whole lot of memories. I felt overwhelmed, and a little melancholy. Twenty years I fought, trained and taught all for nothing. A couple, cheap trophy gathering dust down stairs. A bad knee, and arthritis in my hands. I was feeling kind if sad.

Then a pun came to me so I drew it out. Still, that old life is back in my head, like an old bitter dog I thought was dead. I think I can sleep now, maybe my sense of humor will be back in the morning light.