Little known fact

While it is well known that the Eyptian chariot was one reasons for its great military success. It is not so well known just why their machine was so superior to other chariots.

The answer, of course, is Crash Dummies. With pseudo humans in place of warriors, Eyptian engineers were able to prefect chariot design exponentially.

The experimental war wagons were driven into rock walls, over cliffs, and into fortifications. Quick harness releases allowed the horses to escape harm. But, the dummies never escaped; they flew head on into sudden impact.

This allowed observation of the most effective techniques of chariot design, without depleting the army of solders.

The Crash dummies themselves were engineering masterpeaces. They were so well constructed that many have been found in Pharoah tombs deep inside ancient pyramids. Once thought to be caricatures of soldiers, it is now believed that crash dummies were sent ahead of the deceased, to receive the blows and slams along the trek to the afterlife. Thus, as in life, the dummies ensured a safer journey.

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