Momma knows best

I watch the realtionship between my wife and son. I feel something between pride, jealousy, and love.

Kathy Jacobs puts out a one word prompt to write a one line poem. It’s fun when my goofy brain takes off with it. This time it was laugh. I immediately thought of the old slogan, “if you want to hear God laugh, make a plan.”

This meaning that our hopes, desires, and dreams, do not always work out.

So, what else would make God, (or ever you should call him/her) laugh?

The classic; a man who claims to understand women.

What else? Really, I want to know, I need cartoon ideas!

Oooooh, my own prompt!


Be respectful please, I am looking for irony not anger.

If I get a suggestion that inspires the Crash Dummies, you’ll see it in a cartoon, right here on medium.