My wife just shrugged herr shoulders when I showed her this one. That means I missed. Or, at least, that my since of humor is different.

I have been different all my life. That has been good and sad. I was the new kid in school, many times. Dad was in the Military, we moved around a lot.

That got my brothers and me a lot of attention, both good and bad. But, mostly, it thought me to think out side the box.

Conform? Tried that, been there. I can not even if I wanted.

So, throw me a cliche’ and I will try to twist and turn it around. I can not help this, it is a matter of defense. People tend to be kinder to those who amuse.

Let go, let God. One of my favorite slogans. It means give the crap I can not fix to God. And that’s a lot of stuff.

So, I just reverse the letters and have fun with the cliche’. Who knows, maybe it will get someone pissed off, and that will generate attention. Which is what I want. Attention, look at me, look at me.

Why do you insist on poking the bear?

Because, I must.