Never walk alone

Writer’s block hits cartoonist also. As of late; I just have not had any gags hit me.

Yesterday, during date day with my wife, she told me of a phone call. A customer asked why the small mountains, in front of the big mountains were know as the “foothills”.

“Because they are at the foot of the Rockies.”

Seems simple enough, if you live near the mountains. My wife was born here, I have lived here 40+ years. If I can not see the mountains, on a cloudy day, or if I am out of town, I lose my sense of direction.

Just as I had lost my sense of funny. I went through notes, and unused ideas…nothing.

My friends and family are my mountains. I beleive God gave me my relationships to keep me focused, and to maintain my sense of direction.

My dummies have a small but loyal following. I want to produce a daily gag; to share the gift God has given me. But, sometimes I just go blank. I keep on with drawing. Trying a new direction:

I call it; Cartoon Surrealism. I remember reading that the best cure for writer’s block was to continue writing. What we write might be little more than gibberish, but the muse will awaken again. Eventually.

My muse is, always has been, and always will be, my friends and family. My greatest gifts from God. I am an extrovert; I need the company of people; the more the better. I feed off others energy like a vampire.

My wife gave me an idea. I think she might have even been touched by the result. Most poeple are touched when they see an idea put into action.

(She does not think much of my Cartoon Surrealism.)

At my age, I thought I would have figured it all out; I would be wise and know the answer to everything. Just like my Dad. The only thing I know for sure, is I am wise not by my own knowledge, but by the collective knowledge of my bank of friends and family.

And that is why I never walk alone.