Nope; it’s already been done.

There is nothing new under the sun--Ecc. 1:9

As of late I have been drawing hummingbirds and butterflies. Not exactly the most macho of subjects but a lot of fun.

I drew the above picture thinking that it would be a fun way of combining both subjects. And it was. Dare I say; even Cute! (I’ll turn in my man card later this week).

Then, upon awakening this morning I had an inspiration. Not just a hummingbird and butterfly in the same picture but a hummingbird and buttetfly in the same body. Not unlike the fabled Jack-a-lope (a combo antelope and Jack rabbit).

I kinda giggled about it (I really have to turn in that man card). It was so funny. All my friends would be amazed how original I was….

I would even call it the Papillon-Colibri. French for butterfly, and Spanish for hummingbird. (Or americanized; the butter-hummer).

So I googled the spelling, “ok Google, Calibri and Papillon.”

Google gave me a picture of a moth that hovers like a hummingbird.

Damn, it’s already been done.

A friend even suggested that I must have known about the moth and subconsciously came up with the idea thinking it was original.

But, not intentionally.

When I draw cartoons I have many ideas that come from cartoons already published. I often study other artist. I get alot of inspiration from the work of . Charles Schulz, Gary Larson and Bill Mauldin, to name a few.

I have never intentional plagerized anything.

I once drew a cartoon about a bear about to eat campers in sleeping bags; only to find out there was a “Far side" cartoon of the same bent. I must have unconsciously thought it my own idea. I only wish, I’d realized this before the third draft.

But, in this case, I really thought I had found something new.

Ah…. Shoot!

How about an otter with a duck bill, webbed feet, that lays eggs but gives milk…wait that’s a Platypus!