Not my first sax joke

Funny how a theme comes back. The word sax as an euphemism for sex.

But, this one was inspired by the movie, “Whiplash”. One of the harshest films I have ever watched. Great acting. It stars that guy from the insurance university commercial. His charactor is one of the meanest men I ever hope not to meet. Not an easy flick to watch, but I am glad I watched it…once.

Actually I have met this guy. I have worked for him, several times. The guy who thinks a complement is a sign of weakness. As if one little word of kindness will open the door to Anarchy Rebellion and Slothfulness. The guy who takes his job at too serious. The guy who thinks he is on a spiritual journey. You know; an asshole!

I had a supervisor who insisted that I chew out each member of my crew, once a week, merited or not.

Another boss went into a screaming fit because I did not berate a co-worker to his satisfaction. I got my ass eat out, because I did not loose my mind, jump up and down and throw a tantrum. The guy in question was not under my authority.

I do not have to have over zealous, phoney, superficial, slaps on the back to do my job.

Sometimes, when I mess up, I just want to ask for a Katana to open my belly. Hey boss will you be my second?

There has to be a balance.

A worker should not have anxiety attack everytime he/she sees the boss.

I have to keep in mind that I am lucky to have a job. I get to eat everyday. I live in a country that allows me great freedom. Time to rewrite my gratitude list.

My identity is not tied to my job. My identity is that of a beloved child of God. I am greatful to be able to say that without repercussions from a zealot government.

I get weary, of jerks, but this too will pass.