Once upon a time there was a young crash dummy girl named Edna. Her job was to test the safety of things. She was happy to do this job; she felt, 
 it was her purpose in life.

She was filed with instruments and gizmos that measured the impact and trauma so that engineers could build safer cars and things.
But, she was alone and felt an empty place in her heart. So she gathered a dummy family; a boy dummy named Jeremy and a girl dummy named Scout.

Then, together they found a dad named Ralph. And Ralph became the main charactor, because their cartoonist is male

There are also pets, Crash Puppy and Cat (no sense naming something that wouldn’t come when called)

And they were a family. The family that crashes together and stays together. 
They are effigies, and by nature mirror the human condition. We are all crash dummies, to some degree, in that life beats up on us.

But, the dummies never lose their joy of life. They know that all their limbs and parts can be repaired or replaced. But not each other. They live in the now. 
The appeal of the dummies, I have been told, is that they are not black, white or of any race other than their own they are every man. The boys are blue, and girls pink.

The crash dummies are like aliens living amongst us everything they see is new. As if seeing the world for the very first time.
Why crash dummies? Because due to their nature I will always have a theme and an idea of what to put then thru. a bit slapstick I suppose, outright corny sometimes. But, I make up jokes about inanimate beings, my logic is subjective.

The world can be a harsh place. We need to lighten up and have a little fun. The crash dummies world is joyous. They do not take life or themselves too damn serious.

I pray that those who follow my dummies will find a smile and maybe even a chuckle, and thus see the world with a little more joy.