Painting while under the influance of rage

Well, prehaps rage is a tad over the top. But, I was pretty pissed off when I got home.

Just a long day of being jerked around from one thing too another.

Go do job ‘A’! Drop what you are doing and do job ‘B’! Check on ‘C’ and. long until you hey job ‘A’ done? !!!!

There is a proper time and place for the ‘F’ word!

At home. I grab a canvas, and attack it with sand paper. Smooth enough. Slap it from cornor to cornor with yellow, blue, red/yellow for The ridge. Green tube, vertical brush, stab the csnvas…trees? Jab, slash, and swirl.

I am in a sheen of sweat!

I feel better.

I blot out the wife’s dragon. I think I have a good drawing. Wings dramatically spread. Back arched, eye flared, flames from the mouth.

What do you think, so far honey?

I changed my mind. I want a blue dragon. Change job ‘A’ , do job ‘C’! In my own home?

Prehaps I am wrong. Van Gogh, did indeed, cut off his ear over a woman!

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