Parody of a Classic

The classic painting, “The Birth of Venus”, sticks in my head. Not so much because I like it, but because I like the cliche; “Naked as Venus on the half shell”. It has a nice cadance to it. A nice ring to it.

Sounds like something my mom would say when she gets riled and her south Missouri comes out.

“And there in the front yard stood your brother, Naked as Venus on the Half Shell.”

She usually said “Naked as a Jay bird”. Oddly, she seemed to have reason to discribe nudity, which, now that I think of it, was often.

My youngest brother went through a phase. He decided clothing was optional. He was around three or four, so it should not have been any big deal. I was just starting grade school and was often greeted at the bus stop by my streaking baby brother. The other kids would laugh, which encouraged the little nudist and I would want to hide. I was so embrassed!

Now, in retrospect, I realize I was a very uptight, precocious, little shit.

As Stan, of South Park, would say, “you know, I think I learned something!”

This drawing came, kind of, by accedent. I have a bluetooth, I can talk hands free. I tap it and say, “take a note.” Later, when I read the note I can usually decipher what I was thinking, depending on the whim of spell check. This one came out as a unintentional Haiku.

So I went with it as recorded by bluetooth. This time, a happy accedent, I think. My wife just shrugged when she read it. But, I had fun with it, hope you do also.