Pillow talk

A lady I know, from recovery, posts some really funny puns on FB. Usually, I just wish I had thought up the gag, but yesterday I just had to draw up a cartoon based on her joke.

I then sent it to her. She sent back a smile face emoji. That started me thinking of the smile face buttons of the ’70’s. “Have a nice day.”

Everyone had these stupid buttons, stickers, and tags. Two dots, for eyes, a curve for a smile; be happy.

My mind also associates the slogan, “today is the first day, of the rest of your life” with those buttons. This slogan was taken from recovery (AA) groups, who, no doubt, barrowed it from somewhere else.

All this rant to explain why I ‘barrowed’ an idea for a gag.

Anything said around me is a potential gag.

That might make a good cartoon. It is a form of journaling. I do not write “dear diary” each night, I draw pictures. Not that there is anything wrong with journaling. It is a powerful tool in recovery. I just have my own way.

Concider last night’s doidle:

What does it mean? Nothing, just an exersize in depth and propective. I doubt anybody will turn it into a smiley button.