Previously owned vehicles and other lies

We all rationalize. We make excuses for our actions right or wrong. The first lies we tell are to our selves.

“Sorry I am late, there was a UFO blocking traffic.”

In this gag Ralph tells the turth but in such a way as to hide the turth.

Indeed, his used cars have had very little use. But then they were brought to a sudden and violent stoppage.

Such “Spin” can have damaging and even fatal consequences.

“He only gets this way (violent) when he drinks.”

“I push him too far, it’s my fault.”

“I can’t kick him out, he has no where to go.”

Sometimes, we can love someone to death. We make excuses for unacceptable behavior and in turn enable such actions.

A wreck is a wreck. With care, hard work, and love it may run again. There is always hope, but do not take it for a ride until it is fixed.

It may feel selfish. We are giving up, turning our back on someone who needs help.

There is no help for the unwilling.

But there us hope. If a person is serious about change and is willing to do whatever it takes….change is possible.

My wife refused to make excuses for my drunkenness. She told me get sober or get out. She stood firm, for our child, herself and me.

I stumbled around but finally saw the light. I had to change or die.

I gave up drinking but not rationalizations.

“I will mow the lawn when it gets cooler/warmer.”

“I will eat healthier, starting tomorrow!”

Tomorrow, tomorrow…it’s only a day away!

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