Ralph loses his head not his mind or humor

I was cruising along between deliveries. When, this old song came across the off beat radio station I enjoy. I was inspired to do this drawing and present it on Medium.

The human carrying Ralph’s head to the repair shop, is a character I developed 20 years ago. I wanted to do a strip about a guy named Elmer. (Named for an old boss/friend)

Elmer had a wife, son and daughter. He was the head of maintenance in a manufacturing factory. He had a crew of off beat characters working under him. A whole situation comedy if you will.

(None of the syndicates or newspapers were interested.)

I left Elmer in the files in my basement, gave up cartooning and drawing. Then I started up again, I don’t remember why. I just did single panel gags, and had a bit of a fallowing at work. And then I stopped again.

A couple years ago I set my drawing board up on my study room…and here we are.

I developed the Crash Dummies and old friends reappeared.

As I contemplated the gag, yesterday, it came to me that much has happened to my old friend Elmer. And some of it is very sad.

Writing this out now, I am not sure I should share the whole back story on Medium. Someone could tract me down and have me locked away. Not today.

I heard it said; humor is tragedy plus time.

Elmer carries a huge whole in his heart. But, he pushes on, he endures, he perseveres. And that is the root of his strength and humor.

He maybe the only human who knows the Crash Dummies are alive. Therefore, like me, he maybe a bit crazy. Elmer, may talk to inanimate objects, but they lived in my head!

Elmer adores the Crash Dummy Edna. She is like a daughter to him. Her husband Ralph…well he is kind of a son in law. A goofy son in law. And no man wants his little girl to be with a goofy guy.

So here, Elmer is taking Ralph to the shop to be repaired and ready for the next crash. Ralph is happy. He was born (made) to crash into walls.

“Blessed are those who know their mission in life. For they shall know serenity.” — Edna