Today’s gag, illustrates the promises, I would make, during my drinking career. Shallow, hallow, I would promise the moon on spur of the moment, totally meaning what I said. And, unable to recall my own foolishness a moment later.

I do not help people move anymore. That is a job for people much younger. One of the advantages of being an old fart.

Not long ago, I overheard my cousins talking.

“You are my favorite cousin, I would even help you move.”

I thought that was pretty funny, we all laughed.

Now that I think about it…they had been drinking. They were watching the Nebraska football game. The girls yelling at the TV. (The “Huskers” lost.) Their husbands were watching quietly from easy chairs. (My, how things have changed)

I do not care about football, much less the Huskers, but watching my silly cousins go goofy for “their boys”, that was fine entertainment.

They yelled, cussed the TV groaned, in agony, at each missed pass and jumped up and down in excitement with each gain of five yards or more.

The girls, related by blood, friends by choice, got a little sloppy with their effections for each other.

That’s were I got the idea for this gag. A tad exaggerated prehaps, such is comedy.

Hope it brings a smile.