Somethings just aren’t okay.

I like to add a story to my drawings. A little insight, thought, or outright rant.

It is therapy.

But this morning what I wrote did not go with a gag drawing. I may publish that easy later, but with a more appropriate illustration.

The tune “Dueling banjos” will forever be linked to the movie “Deliverance.” That is okay, but it is also not okay. The song was more than a theme for the movie. But who can ever hear it without thinking of a clan of inbred homicidal freaks. There are more of said people in the city, but we are used to them here. Take us out of the familiarity of 50 story walls made of concrete and glass and the works seems quite frightening.

Not all city folk are gang bangers, not all country folk are zombies.

In responce to an earlier drawing. A friend suggested this cartoon. I hope I have him a smile. And when next we meet, I will ask him if he thought of murderous mutants.