The Bum’s Rush is another cartoon set up. Usually associated with drunks and bars, it is also used in politics. Getting those power drunk bums out of office.

If only we could do that at work. Elect our bosses. It works so well in politics!

I like this one because it reminds me of Freddy the Freeloader, one of Red Skelton’s characters. I am dating myself here, and I am quite convertible with that. Freddy was, prehaps my favorite character on the Red Skelton show. Remember variety shows. There were comedy sketches, interviews, and musical guest. Dancers, and a live Orchestra.

Freddy was a hobo. He lived by his wits. He was homeless, dressed in cast off clothes, and was funny. Freddy had a joy of life.

But, he was just a character played by an actor. There is an under current of people who do not fit the norm of our society. They are sometimes, unable to function within the realm of acceptable culture. Mental illness, substance addiction, and an inability to “fit in”, make these folks unemployable.

It is sad. Every so often there is a big campaign to help the homeless. But it is the cause de jure and quickly fades from our radar screen.

Once in a while, they come into our recovery group, looking for help. We are a support group not a rescue. We can give them a meal and then direct then to a shelter. Many of us are just keeping our own heads above water and do not have the resources to save the poor from their lot.

And I don’t think we should, in most cases. We can’t be everything to everybody. It hurts but there are limits and bounderies.

Then, there are the scam artists. People looking for a hand out, not a hand up.

One guy lost his son to a football death, the year before it was his daughter. He wanted a hotel room, and all but demand we provide it for him. We got him a bus ticket to a men’s shelter. Scam or not, he is a child of God, and I pray for him.