This one inspired by Christopher Titus. His bit about his relationship with his Dad. I am a big fan. I usually play one his bits as I draw. Along with other comics as well, but Titus my favorite.

My son took me to see Titus for my Christmas gift. I get claustrophobia in crowded places. Usually, I break out in a sweat and get very irritable.

They squeezed us in so tight, I almost fused hips with the lady next to me. Bit, I managed. Great art is worth discomfort.

He is a master of comedy, and he was worth every forced gasp of air. I laughed, I had fun.

What first amazed me is the high level of energy he maintains. He stood at the door, between shows, signing autographs, selling CDs, and greeting people with a huge and honest smile. He really seems to really like his fans. This, after giving a well written, well crafted, show. His sense of timing and set up are amazing. He must have been drained, but he just kept giving of himself. There is nothing so inspiring as someone who takes pride and joy in his job.

And so, I submit this my humble tribute to the funniest guy I will never meet.