Today is our 37th wedding anniversary. How, she put up with me all these years….

This is one of my favorites. I mean nothing by this gag, just thought it was funny. It came to me in a time when there was a big uproar over same sex marriage. Whether I approve or not, does not matter. What does matter to me is that people are hurt, deeply, by fear. I am done with fear.

All that we go thru, all the fuss, all the fretting over stupid little things. ..all that really matters as that we love one another. When I accepted this philosophy I found freedom. It is not up to me to judge, it never was.

I think this freedom via aceptance is the Secret of a long marriage. Let go the bullshit that doesn’t matter.

I think, most couples break up over small stuff. And, it is all small stuff. My wife and I have had fights that went on so long, I could no longer remember why we were fighting.

For what? I think sometimes we fought because it was time to fight.

The good news is that we are running out of things over which to fight.

Be there, done that, I am going to bed.

Living with another human being is hard. Life is hard. It takes perseverance. At least on her part; I not always, the bright ray of sunlight, that I think I am. We have learned to give each other space. We have learned to let each other be sad, and even angry at the world. We do not have to fix each other. We are ok, being not ok, for a little while.

My favorite time of the week? Sunday afternoon, reading a book, on our bed, not saying a word. Just enjoying the peace. Recharging the batteries.

Tomorrow, we will spend the day together. We are going to the art museum. There is a display of Samuri art, armor and so forth. Not the most exciting party prehaps, but we will be together, and that will be more than enough.