Ture story. Who would make it up?

New friend at work told this story.

He went to a class reunion. Everyone there was amazed he showed up; they had heard he had died.

He said, “some group of freinds; no one noticed there was no funeral!

I thought that was kind of funny. Sad, but still funny.

Resently, my best friend from high school contacted me. It’s been over forty years since the last time we spoke. We have exchanged a little about those many years, all in good time. I am happy Roger is still around.

Mark Twain is credited with saying, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” or something just as witty.

What would it be like to be at one’s own funeral. I do not want to know. Funerals are for the living; a time to mark closure. This coming monday, our recovery group will meet in remembrance and celebration of the life of one of our own. A young woman who’s life was taken so very early.

As the ‘old man’ of the group, I plan to be there to lead my brothers and sisters in that celebration. There will be tears, weeping, and hugs. But, we must be greatful at our root. Life is fraggle, and it is much too easy to be bitter.

So today. Call a friend, family member, or teacher. Tell them that they mattered in your life, and be greatful. It is not always easy, but it is fulfilling.

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