This is not Edna’s birthday. She was not born, she was made.

But Ralph does not need a special day to give her a gift. Even if it is just a pun or play on words.

For a Crash dummy a gag is always the best gift. They are surreal critters, as are all cartoon characters. Come on, a dog who sleeps on his house?

Cartoons are theater of the asurd. The first cartoons were political. Caricatures. Exaggerated features, huge noses, pot bellies, bow legs.

So, I have talking human substitutes. Weird at best, silly at wrost. Do not look for great comments on the political condition; I have none. But, the human condition? Relationships, puns, plays on words, these are a few of my favorite things.

So, happy birthday Edna. Maybe we will do it again soon.