Wanna Bee

Hang out with a group, clique, or crew of guys and one tends to feel a part of said group.

George Carlin said it best, when discribing how white guys, hanging out with black guys, start to act and talk like their black friends. Look it up, it is a great routine.

Spending a shift, with my friend the cop, I got to see the camaraderie and love these guys have for one another. The inside jokes, the shared experiences. Many years ago, I helped train a team for the police boxing smoker. I got about as close to these guys as a civilian can come. Of course, I was still an outsider.

I also meet my friend for breakfest on most Saturdays. We sometimes chat about the job. But for the most part we talk about family and Jesus.

Today, as I was thinking of my friends and his co-workers. I wondered how they would treat me if I were one of them. Well, I know that answer, they would poke as much fun at me as they do each other.

Then there are “Badge Bunnies.” Cop Groupies if you will. Women who are attracted to cops, because they are cops. I am sure this happens to lady officers, and gay folk as well, but that is beyond the realm of my experience. So far.

All guys want “groupies”. Why? Well, sex of course! Ah, to be a rock and roll star. To have women throw themselves at me. Even if not taken advance of, the idea of easy, noncommittal sex is a fantasy most guys dream. There is, of course, no such thing as sex without consequence. But, at times, our hormones overrule our heads.

Take care of what we wish; we might get it!