What if? Alternative reality? Or wishful thinking?

One of my favorite books is “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King. It is a follow up

to “The Shining.”

Someone once asked him, “what if Jack Torrance had found AA?” The tells a tale of Jack’s son Danny. I am fond of the book because it depicts Alcoholics Anonymous in a realistic and fair manner.

But, today I would like to address the ‘what if?’ exersize.

What if the world was seen through the eyes of an alien? How absurd might traffic seem to someone who could fly over it? For the space alien, someone in his world already answered what if we could just float to work.

Obviously, the feasibility of hovercraft overcoming traffic is not taken into account here. Do not brother me with facts!

In this drawing Ralph the crash dummy asked the question of his friend Elmer. I am a big fan of absurdity. And the world if full of it!

Let us not, however, confuse what if with “should have”. That being the state of remberance when things went wrong. A joke that went sour and hurt someone’s feelings, a job interview that ended in rejection, a romance that never happened.

I should have done have stayed in school. Then I would have a better job. A nicer house car, dog and cat! Regret should have a shelf life of seconds, otherwise it leads to resentments (internal or external) which are poison. Wishful thinking is useless and a waste of time. I grew up thinking there is such a thing as a happy ending. There is no ending.

Here, in this drawing, Ralph is an innocent. He has yet to have his ideas shot down with such consistency that he no longer presents them.

I once worked at a place like that. If I had an idea the boss would shoot it down, seemingly, automatically.

His favorite answer seemed to be; “well that wouldn’t work because. …”

Or, “the reason that won’t work is. ..”

Most times, he did not even hear me out before rejecting any idea I had. I would open my mouth and he would roll his eyes.

After a while I just gave up. Sometimes I only presented ideas just to see if he would shoot them down in the exact manner I predicted.

To be fair, the boss had a plan and needed to stick with it. He was willing to be a jackass to see it through.

Opps, there’s that bitterness thing again.

Prehaps this answers the question of why creative people seem to be insane. If Picasso had not asked him self “what if”, we would not have a painting of a guitar player with blue skin. Van Gough asked the question and saw stars swirling over hills, water and houses.

So, what if crash dummies became animated. What if they formed a family of innocent beings, fully grown without the experiences, and the prejudices of beings who had to grow?

What if I was not an insomniac. Would I still have too much time on my hands?