Why is the term “Dumbass” negitive and yet “Smartass” is also negitive? Are they not oppset sides of the same coin?

I have been called a Dumbass, and told not to be a Smartass.

Dumbass is passive, Smartass active.

A Smartass is sarcastic, a Dumbass is better off mute.

A Smartass is clever, a Dumbass is…well,..dumb.

A Smartass is sent to the office, a Dumbassis its own punishment.

It is a bad idea to promote either.

A Smartass earns a punch in the nose, a Dumbass earns pitty.

A Dumbass may seem hopeless, a Smartass invokes a sense of potencial, “if only he weren’t such a asshole.”

A Smartass pretends to be a Dumbass. A Dumbass can only wish to be a Smartass.

Cats are Smartass, dogs,…naw I can not talk bad about my best friends.

Cartoonist are Smartasses unless the gag bombs then we are Dumbasses.

Thus ends the Smartass proverbs of this Dumbass. Hee haw!!!