Why so Surly?

I showed this one to my wife. She just handed it back and said, “ok.”

I give up, I quit asking my family what they think.

Mom: you know, there was that one I really liked. Which one Ma? Oh, I don’t remember.

Wife: it’s ok, I guess, I had a bad day, don’t ask me.

Son: You’re using more color.

Me: is that a good thing?

Son: I don’t know.

I ask my brother. He is drying out, yet again, and does not know what I am asking.

I give up on family for real comments.

Why did Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear? He was a frustrated artist!

Why do those runway models look so sultry, and pissed off? They are artists! It ain’t a gift; it’s a curse!

Hold the phone! A friend just sent a comment: Nice legs! That’s distrubing! I purposely drew the rolls legs too look goofy. I should have given her fishnets just for fun. Then she would have looked like a hooker. Or at least a…Tart!