Zoom, flutter, crash and burn

I never mastered the art of paper airplane manufacturing.

Some people, can take a sheet of spiral notebook paper and make a 747. It would guide across study hall like an angle from heaven.

I would carefully fold, cut, and tear. I would add tape, paper clips, and staples. Toss it into the air and flop! A two foot nose dive into the ground.

I would get so discouraged I would use the time to study.

That is indicative of life. Some poeple just have more….gracefulness. my wife can fold clothes. She has drawers of neatly packed socks, while mine look like they were left there by a flood.

Some of us just have to work a bit harder. But, improvement can be achieved.

I look back at drawings from a year ago. I could do do much better now.

At the same time I have to move on.

What will I think of today’s drawing a year from now?

Another observation about people with grace. They seem to move on easier. Past projects are left behind and considered complete. No need to revisit, rethink, or redo.

There is a story of an artist who broke into the Louvre Museum. He wanted to touch up his own painting.

In recovery, we say; “if you have one foot in the past, and one in the future, you’re pissing on today.”

I like the saying, “this too shall pass.”

Excuse me now, I must go sort and fold socks for my sock drawer. Off, you goffy cat!