Where did I put my Wallet?

Carrying a wallet is second nature to all of us. We carry it because it is the next important thing we bring with us with our phone being the most important thing. It houses our ID, credit cards, cash, and any other things that can live inside of it. But there have been occasions when I have left my wallet elsewhere and I need to may a payment or I need it to pass through airport security. That is where Apple Wallet comes to my rescue.

Photo by Apple

When it first launched several years ago, I was skeptical and wondered who in their right mind would put their credit card account information on their phone. I mean what if someone hacked the servers and stole my personal information? But then again it sounded great because it was one less card to be lugging around in the back of my pants. Keeping track of gift cards and credit cards is tough enough but cramming them in your wallet is a nightmare.

Photo by Apple

The Wallet app keeps all of my gift cards, bank cards, coupons and boarding passes in a neat and organized manner in which I can access it with a tap of my finger. Paying for things has never been easier. I don’t even need to reach back for my wallet and pull out the card. All there is to it is to hold the phone over the terminal and tap my thumb on the home button and voila! Even having the boarding pass is great because there is no need to print a boarding pass and you can pass go straight to the security line with your carry on. 
Sometimes it doesn’t want to play along and work correctly but it’s to be expected because like any electronic device it sometimes just doesn’t want to work. Regardless of the fact, Apple definitely knows how to make a great product even for the most mundane of tasks. The wallet app is one of those things that we take for granted and we wished we had the option of having a mobile form of it when we really need it.

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