What Makes Git So Great Anyway?

I had heard a lot about Git before I started to use it. For some reason, however, I never quite go round leveraging the immense benefits it provided. Now, I have been introduced to version control and I wonder how it is I had not taken the plunge and embraced it earlier.

Git is an open source version control system that manages and stores revisions of projects. Although it is mostly used for code, Git could be used to manage other kinds of files such as Word documents or Final Cut projects — filing system for every draft of a document. I will now go on to briefly talk about a few of the features I like a lot.

Feature Branch Workflow

Branching (Seamlessly!)
Git branching is what makes the feature branching workflow tick. Feature branches provide a separate environment for every change to your codebase. When a developer wants to make modifications to his codebase, regardless of how big or small, they create a new branch. This ensures that the master branch always contains production-ready code.

Pull Requests
Pull request are a way to ask another developer or several developers to merge one of your branches into their repository. This makes it easier for project leads to keep track of changes and also lets developers start conversations around their work before combining it with the rest of the codebase. There is even a scenario for when a developer gets stuck with a troublesome problem. In this case, they can open a pull request to ask for help from the rest of the team. Also, junior developers can be confident that they will not ruin the entire project by treating pull requests as a formal code review.

Merging is Git’s way of putting a forked history or a branch back together again if there are no conflicts to resolve. This lets you take the individual lines of development that have been created by git branch or fork and integrate them into a single branch.

Overall, the more I use Git, the more comfortable I get with it. It is the singular tool that has significantly changed the way I will work as a developer, now and in the future.

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