The dehumanization white supremacists perpetrate on others has to be comparable to the dehumanization they feel themselves. No one who feels good about themselves talks as much as Donald Trump does about how he is a “winner” and other people are “losers.” No one who feels strong, or virile, or in control of themselves feels the need to murder others who are grieving. No one who is confident of their humanity would deny acceptance to a 5-year-old orphan refugee.
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Max Berger

This is a kind, big-hearted sentiment, and likely true some of the time. But not always. There are plenty of people who feel just fine about themselves while hating and demonizing others virulently. Those folks simply don’t see refugees, or black people, or anyone that isn’t just like them as real people, essentially. It’s the same mentality that leads to thinking that enslaving people is good for them, that your own rightness is unquestionable and your actions divine in their goodness. That is as much at the heart of what is happening in America as people that are broken and dysfunctional due to stranglehold of white maleness.