“The Persuaders”-A Reflective Blog Post

Before I began to watch “The Persuaders”, my first judgements were negative and I was sure this was going to be another boring marketing movie, but instead I was in for a captivating short film.

Tips and Tricks

My inner Strategic Communication loving self was highly intrigued at the tips and trips they were throwing out throughout the movie. A couple of my favorite ones are:

  • Give the product a sutu spiritual meaning
  • Study trigger words
  • RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH (my favorite part about marketing)
  • Spend loads of time creating brand loyalty/emotional branding (Lovemarks)
  • And most importantly, figure out the unconscious code!

No More Clutter

As the film shared, it is vital to understand that advertising is now considered clutter and companies have no choice but to go way beyond just old fashioned advertising. They mentioned that, “you can not advertise for yourself anymore”, because having cool special affects or humor in a commercial is not good enough anymore.

The Strategy

That is why the research has to go deeper than the exterior. The psychology behind marketing is fascinating. The way Clotaire Rapaille studies human reactions to words and feelings was a remarkable thing to watch. Also, it was a little shocking how much faith big companies have in this one man.


The light bulb above my head flickered when the movie mentioned narrowcasting. As a marketing lover, I found it riveting when they shared how in the U.S., there are seven overall demographics, but in those groups, there are hundreds of sub-categories. So therefor, the goal is to tailor each message to each distinct demographic.


Another crazy thing I learned was that there is a huge company that specializes in collecting nationwide personal information about all types of people. Creepy but very impressive. I had no idea such a thing existed. I honestly believed that every individual computer recognized the user’s history and accommodated advertisements for each person.

The Solution

And then the movie ends with a bang, “induce that person to persuade themselves”, and oh boy, I sure wrote that down. I think that even though they said you can not make advertisements for yourself anymore, in a way you should. Because as a consumer you too have emotions, wants and desires, so in a way you need to study what triggers you to buy something.

The Downfall

What I found sort of sad was when they started talking about the psychology behind why people buy things. The matter of fact, is that people want to belong to something and want to be apart of a community. But the problem with that; as I learned, is that people think they are succeeding when they become loyal to a brand but the reality is that that is how companies get them to buy more of their products.

Secular Blackhole

And as I closed up my notebook and felt satisfied with everything I learned, I realized what had happened. My fascination and adrenaline of knowing the best strategies and being one step ahead, turned into me wanting to win and completely forgetting about the consumer. The consumer who might spend money they do not have, who might buy something they do not need and who might even feel excluded because they can not afford a product.

And this is when I realized how satan will do anything in his power to use my love for marketing. I have been taking marketing classes since sophomore year of high school and even though I am a Strategics Comunications student and not a marketing student, our department still does a lot of marketing. My prayer is that I am constantly reminding myself that God has given me a passion for marketing not for me, not for consumers, not for the world but for His glory.

I love marketing and I will not let satan steal it away but I for sure know that it will be a tough journey as I continue to study and work in fields that are filled with greed and power.

“On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.”

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