The Ultimate Test

Today Wednesday, 11th of January was brutal. It was as though the universe connived to make it very difficult. It started yesterday, after finishing the previous tasks and looking forward to starting the next task early so I can bit the deadline, electricity problems struck. I ended up wasting the whole evening doing nothing. As it turns out that will be the beginning of my troubles. The tasks will turn out to be far trickier than I anticipated.

The binary search problem was interesting. Creating the prototypes that will inherit from the Array.prototype and implementing the binary search was nothing compared to the issue of making sure the code passes some of the tests. It was hell.

The find missing problem for me is the most tricky problem I have encountered so far in my short life span in programming. I searched the internet for clues, but no help. Then I reached out to a fellow boot camper and discussed the problem only to realize I was basically looking at the problem one way all this time. I never considered using objects as temporary storage to help in the checking of the value. Phew, programming is not easy.

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