Motivation is the key.

They say you lose some, you win some but how about not losing at all hmm!

Consistently I concern myself with taking consistent measures to stay persistent in painting vivid reality pictures no fiction. Motivation is the key!

Truth be told without money I will still kick my flow still follow my dreams still do it for the love.

Some say if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense but I do it for the love so it makes cent.

Before I make a thousand steps I got to make one first, you got to take it step by step. If you can’t move creep or crawl however don’t stop just keep moving.

I gat to live for today cuz tomorrow ain’t promised to me I pray for the day my pain goes away too much fuckery I’m tryna stay away but still tryna make a way for the future, toast to the past that teaches me the lessons to understand ma present, shout out to the present that teaches me the lessons to anticipate the future.

I’m strong enough. when it rains in April it pours enough When it snows in Russia it frozen enough! But still there is never enough, one man’s Love is another mans hate

One of my homie in nigeria the other in Algeria they told me motivation is the key! If you motivated you can move mountains.

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