Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is one of the techniques to show an interesting way to see a building. Ezra Stoller is an example of a photographer that has his own characteristic in taking architectural pictures, especially emphasizing symmetry and modernism in a building. He became best known for images of buildings. He was born in Chicago in 1915 and studied architecture at NYU (Biography, Ezra Stoller) . His pictures are mostly presented in black and white, and make use of light and shadow to create more dramatic effect.

Figure 1. Ezra Stoller’s Photography

Figure 1 shows examples of Ezra Stoller’s black and white photography, using shadow and light to show the geometric shape of buildings.

In this page, I want to show some pictures of buildings in Sydney that i took, inspired from Ezra Stoller’s technique. I edited these picture in black and white, also adjusting the shadow contrast and highlight.

Figure 2. University of Technology, Sydney-Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building (Photo and edited by: Tesalonika Halim)

The picture on the left (Figure 2), shows the curvy structure of the building’s wall using the shadow and the light that reflected the wall. We can also see how the brick is structured to create curvy shape clearly. The bricks are assembled neatly and creates beautiful shadow lines.

The picture on the right (Figure 2), the sky looks cloudy even tough both pictures are taken at the same daylight because the contrast of the sunlight is different at both side. The dark of the shadow and reflected light makes the windows look emerging from the wall.

Figure 3. Office Building (Photo and edited by: Tesalonika Halim)

From the height of this building, it looks strong, sturdy and also standing out among other building.

Figure 4. Interior UTS Business Building (Photo and edited by: Tesalonika Halim)

This building’s interior has an interesting spot where there is wall built from stack of logs. I created a contrast between the light and the shadow to show drastic lines that are created from it. The logs are stacked in abstract yet interesting way. The contrast shadow shows the sharp edges and straight lines.

Figure 5. Curvy Concrete Stairs in UTS (Photo and edited by: Tesalonika Halim)

This picture is taken from under the stairs. The light enters from the top resulting contrast shadow and showing the curvy lines.

Figure 6. Pictures taken before edited (Photo by: Tesalonika Halim)

These pictures (Figure 6) are taken with camera on iPhone 6 before edited. Sometimes the colour in an image can distract our attention to focus on certain things. With Ezra’s technique, i leant that a building can be look more interesting if we focus in architectural shape using in light and shadow, especially presented in black and white.

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