TESCO Engineering — Find the Top Mechanical Seal Manufacturer in Saudi

Mechanical seal is the basic and of course the most vital component of any industry — mainly here high-grade and advanced machineries and pumps are taken into use. You may see engineers from different industries looking for top mechanical seal manufacturer in Saudi who have years of experience and proven track record for offering you such precise solutions and support. From a selected and reliable mechanical seal manufacturer in Saudi, you will also get a gamut of added solutions like mechanical seal repairing solutions. They work in a planned way to repair your seal that starts with:

• Completely disassemble the seal and clean all parts ultrasonically
• The seal passes through a sand blast with micro granules and inspect for damage 
• Accumulating mechanical seal inspection report and then deliver to you
• You can also get RSA

Not to mention the lap and polish the recoverable sealing faces inspecting as well as flatness process of the seals with monochromatic light to one light band. There is also something more in the process that will surely give your mechanical seals a new life.

Mechanical Seal Manufacturer in Saudi

From the top and selected company that has been offering you such precise solutions or from the Top Mechanical Seal manufacturer in Saudi, you will also get secondary seals and bellows testing that is another vital part of the process.

You need to reach the right company that is convenient for you and ensure your availability. TESCO Engineering is a joint venture with foreign partners — ZONKE Engineering and the Badael Al-Bena Group that is based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The leading manufacturer was started by a group of like-minded business oriented individuals of diverse, but complimentary disciplines. Main motive of company is to create something advanced and energy efficient to make operations in pharmaceutical and other specialized industries in KSA and in particular in Jubail easy and hassle-free.

You have to go through the details of Secondary Seals and Bellow Testing or get precise mechanical seal refurbishment solutions in Saudi and leave rest of the work on experts working here. Their charges for the services or machinery rates are reasonable and will go well your budget. You have to make a contact and leave rest of the work on experts working here.