Medical Marijuana Could be the Missing Remedy You Need

Have you been battling a chronic case of cancer, drug addiction, unending pain, nausea, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), effects of glaucoma and multiple cases of sclerosis or even loss of appetite? Marijuana could be the missing link between you and good health.

Cannabis had been declared illegal in the 1930s in the United States, a move which hindered any meaningful research on it. This explains why it took scientists so long to discover the positive effects of marijuana on the human health. However, the practice of using cannabis as a medicinal drug had existed long before the laws came turning tables around.

In the Californian state law, the medical use of marijuana has been made possible. Following medical examination by a medical doctor and a written statement plus recommendation letter, one can use pot to treat a chronic ailment. The evaluation is mandatory as it helps ascertain as to whether the use of marijuana will help relieve the repercussions of the ailment.

The 1996 Compassionate Care Act has been reiterated by California’s medical board in defence of cannabis use for medical purposes. In part, the act states that desperately sick citizens in California have the prerogative to use pot for purely medical purposes where the consumption is considered helpful and has been recommended by a medical practitioner who has affirmed that use of marijuana can boost the person’s health. Visit this website at and know more about cannabis.

The act, also known as the Californian Proposition 215, was summarized to allow the use of pot for medical reasons by persons who are terminally ill. CA Prop 215, which allows such persons to have medical marijuana cards, protects them from the law, which would otherwise, impose criminal fines or arrest them for smoking pot. The only people entitled to the Proposition 215 privilege are those who have been medically evaluated and have been deemed worthy of the doctor’s recommendation to use pot.

A large number of persons under marijuana prescription at suffer from glaucoma. Many others have also reported that marijuana aids in relieving symptoms of diseases such as epilepsy, muscle spasms and seizures as well as debilitating migraines. However, having just one of these illnesses does not automatically qualify one for the Proposition 215 green light. Only the medical marijuana recommendation doctors can determine that.

Despite all these, doctors still warn of side effects associated with the use of pot especially when the medicinal use is abused, and prescription schedules do not adhere too. This could be music to the ears of marijuana lovers, who will have to hope earnestly that soon, the plant will be legalized in many states. Get medical marihuana application michigan here!

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