Importance of BIM Coordination Services in a Construction Project

BIM coordination services is an important step in the project execution as coordination of architectural, structural and MEP model is done to identify the clashes. Coordination services are executed to identify whether multidiscipline elements are effectively occupying their space or not. A systematic project execution methodology facilitated by BIM is implemented in construction and errors can be avoided by Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals to a significant extent.

BIM or building information modeling enables the architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers to work on a common platform and develop an effective 3D coordination model. The main advantage of the building information modeling technology is it allows developing effective 3D coordination model by integrating the architectural, structural and MEP engineering trades. The 3D coordination model basically consists of all information of the project.

The 3D coordination model basically assists the architects, contractors, sub-contractors, designers and building owners to understand the complexity of the architectural, structural, mechanical HVAC, electrical and plumbing design is an efficient manner. BIM coordination services helps to prepare the execution plan for BIM and thus assist the BIM scope, the schedule and the budget for all the assigned projects related to the construction. BIM helps to view the design of architectural, structural and MEP system in 3D space

BIM Coordination Services fix the errors while designing. This process saves time and labor costs/ material costs for the best coordination and better workflow. It is the most cost effective and time saving process. By analyzing the 3D coordination model, the architects, engineers and other project team members can conceptualize how all the architectural, structural and MEP elements have been coordinated with each other.

The information included within the 3D coordination model assists modelers to prepare effective project task schedule, estimate costs, calculate quantities of required materials and other resources, determine required number of labors and measure sustainability of the building in the early design stage. In the post-construction stage, the building information model helps the facility managers to manage building facilities and functionalities in an efficient manner.

BIM coordination is a specific process or workflow which requires proper management and a coordinated approach in order to be successful Hence, with the effective execution of BIM coordination services errors can be rectified effectively during design phase. All aspects of building construction are achieved through BIM coordination services.

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