Teslafan X rLoop Have Entered Into a Strategic Partnership

We are proud to announce that rLoop, a decentralized autonomous crowdsourced engineering organization, and Teslafan, an AI marketplace and a decentralized crowdfunding platform of machine learning solutions on the blockchain, have entered into a strategic partnership to collaboratively pursue blockchain-based, AI technological advancements.

By collaborating on coding, research, and development, we aim to accelerate the innovation through decentralized AI, which is beneficial for mutual advancement. Sharing the same vision and philosophy to bring groundbreaking solutions into life, this partnership builds on providing ways to create models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Together with rLoop TESLF Enters In-depth Innovation

The strategic partnership between rLoop and Teslafan is a breakthrough in project technology and progress for both sides. The new strategic partnership will include joint support and alignment of goals to bring more agility and efficiency to technology, new levels of computational performance, expertise, and partner ecosystem. By collaborating and integrating their respective technologies on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the partners aim to empower their marketplace with the leading Blockchain technology. Besides leveraging blockchain technology for in-depth rapid and early discovery of superior projects, both rLoop and Teslafan Token are planning for the next immense improvements, as well as advancing what they already offer.

As a result of cooperation in every field of innovative technology, Teslafan also intends the creation of direct exchange of native tokens of each platform. RLP/TESLF parity will allow users to swap the cryptocurrencies without further complications.

The development team behind Teslafan strongly supports the Hyperloop technology which is rLoop’s high-speed transportation system and hPod concept. The partners began to operate together to continue to carry out in-depth cooperation in research, technology development, and democratizing the AI, ML solutions. Teslafan will continue its work with rLoop to democratize AI and ML-driven solutions more.

rBridge X AI Marketplace

How do you go from concept to prototype rapidly, efficiently, and economically? rBridge Through this partnership, by combining resources in rBridge and AI Marketplace projects, rLoop’s and Teslafan’s teams work on a mission to bring more sophisticated capabilities to the world and fueling economic growth across multiple industries. While rBridge delivers digital designs to skilled makers across the globe, Teslafan Decentralized AI Marketplace provides instant and uncensored access to artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms. In this collaboration, rLoop will be able to offer artificial intelligence projects, solutions, and services in Teslafan’s C2B and B2B AI marketplace.

rGlitch X AI Marketplace

With the project of rGlitch, rLoop highlighted the importance of the innovative applications once more. Innovatively solving big problems through a competition based platform is what rGlitch is aiming to realize. Teslafan AI marketplace and crowdfunding platform joins power with rGlitch to create something remarkable for individuals and businesses. Coming from the idea of creatively solving problems that can change your business and your life, Teslafan AI marketplace offers anyone to propose their problem to developers who have expertise in AI/ML/DL, which eventually leads to efficient and effective solutions. As with the other strategic alliances with rLoop, it will deliver superior quality services to the platform users.

About rLoop

rLoop is a decentralized autonomous organization, global crowdsourced engineering which moves the moon shot engineering onto the blockchain. From the very beginning, rLoop was designed to be a platform, a global network, a pool of talent and resources that connects individuals and organizations to collaborate on emergent technologies in ways that were never before possible. The crowdsourced engineering organization has demonstrated a proven model for decentralized development with technological innovation, outstanding technical projects in various fields of robotics, high speed autonomous transportation and urban air mobility, collaborations with industry partners, as well as award-winning advanced Hyperloop designs and prototype vehicles.

For more information: https://www.rloop.org/

About Teslafan Network

Teslafan is a decentralized, tokenized ecosystem powered by blockchain technology for artificial intelligence and sustainability projects. The secure and privacy-preserving decentralized network includes services such as AI Marketplace, the crowdfunding of machine learning solutions, donations to nonprofits, and more. The distributed platform brings together AI developers, engineers, angel investors, and companies who want to adopt AI-driven solutions and capabilities to solve real business problems.

Follow us for the latest news and project updates:

Telegram Group: t.me/teslafantoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teslafantoken

Website: https://teslafan.io



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