Teslafan X Stipend Partnership Announcement

We are glad to announce the new partnership with Stipend. The new collaboration serves to advance the environment in the Teslafan ecosystem for the projects.

Teslafan crowdfunding platform is designed for projects which solve different problems in the respective field of operation. Besides the provision of the essential requirements, Teslafan aims to become a well-rounded crowdfunding platform for projects and fulfill their demands in a carefully thought manner. These prerequisite services that we provide, will give projects a headstart and help them to develop the products in a short period of time. Each new partnership carries a significant value on its own and expedites the preparation of the projects.

Freelance Blockchain Ecosystem

As the world goes decentralized, every field adapts to it and improves itself at the same time. The Stipend Project is the next generation of freelancing ecosystem that leverages the unique and powerful features of blockchain technology towards a 0% Commission Freelance Platform. By utilizing blockchain technology, Stipend establishes a decentralized freelance platform.

Companies increase the hiring of freelancers to catch up with the modern working trends. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are some of the fast-improving areas that require professionals with high skills in Solidity programming language and other relevant areas. Since it is a novel domain, it takes significant time and effort to recruit and hire those professionals. To fill the gap in a limited time frame, freelancer gathering platforms are the best places to search for the proper and nitch experts.

The collaboration between Teslafan and Stipend serves the newly launched projects to find required professionals fast and effortlessly. Besides having the core team working on the initial development, they need supplementary, at the same time, crucial experts to add their value to the project. The projects on the platform will be introduced to the Stipend freelancer platform to help them gain traction at a fast pace. We believe that this partnership will be beneficial for all parties; the projects and the freelancers will get a shortcut to cooperate on different parts of businesses.

About Stipend

The Stipend Project is the next generation of freelancing ecosystem that leverages the unique and powerful features of blockchain technology. The Stipend Blockchain is enabling new ways to enhance the Freelancing Experience and allow a new revolution to the $10 Trillion industry allowing both freelancers and clients to work on a never-before scale and ease.

Website: https://stipend.me/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/StipendOff

About Teslafan

Teslafan is a marketplace and crowdfunding platform for AI/ML/DL and sentiment analysis and stock data comparison service. The primary initiative of Teslafan is to support sustainable energy creation and utilization all over the world. Teslafan brings together developers, scientists, businesses, organizations, and non-profits under one roof, and supplies them with everything they need to make the world more sustainable and innovative. The TESLF token acts as a native currency of the Teslafan ecosystem.

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