And why is it that people think I object to the idea of consent just because I object to having it shoved in my face at every opportunity? I do not, most emphatically. Consent is vital to human interaction. Those who commit sexual assault should be arrested and jailed. But the con went way over the line with the “consent culture” posters everywhere. That, as well as the politically-loaded term “consent culture”, in its implicit opposition to the utterly silly notion of “rape culture”, are what I object to. Nothing else.
Your question betrays your own bias.
Jay Maynard

Actually this shows your “white male privilege”… the reason that there’s “consent culture” is because:

- Have you ever been groped at con? (We’re not talking somebody accidentally bumping their hand against your shoulders or your back or something, we’re talking somebody actually full on grabbing your ass or grabbing your boobs or trying to cop a feel when they’re taking a picture)

- Have you ever had somebody try to pull your top down the show your chest?

-Has anybody cornered you in an elevator/hallway and very creepily said sexual things to you/ what they would like to do with you? ( all because you’re wearing a costume styled on the ones you see in the comics now)

Have you had anyone ever rub up against you or touch your ass in the ticket line/panel line/food line? ( and not once mind, you but five or six times and then blame it that they’re being pushed from behind)

I can tell you right now that none of these HAVE happened to you cuz you would not be bitching about this if it did happen to you…

This is why those consent posters are all over the place !!!!! A lot of guys don’t f****** get the hint that you can’t just touch somebody without permission or take pictures ,you can’t just rub up against somebody, you can’t just feel up somebody… just because you get the hint of “don’t touch people without permission” does not mean everybody else does…

Everything about your post makes me want to attend this con even more.. especially that you’re not going to go anymore…

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