Originally posted on tesniellis.com May 5, 2014

It really is remarkable how much we can change over the course of a short period of time. Whether it’s a new environment that stirs something we’ve not felt before, a new group of people we surround ourselves with who prompt a new course of thought or expose us to further points of view, or a new challenge we dedicate ourselves to and that in turn changes us in the process (or, the wild ride that is the combination of any of these). …

Originally posted on tesniellis.com January 31, 2014

In an earlier post I described the goals of my project, a little bit about the method, and some of my anxieties about the upcoming work both in terms of my own abilities and knowledge and in working with participants. …

Originally posted on tesniellis.com September 22, 2013

I figured it was about time I put out into the world what I am spending the next year dedicated to — my Master’s Project. My program at York offers a unique option to produce a Project rather than a Thesis or Major Research Paper. The project option is as wide-ranging as it sounds — my friends and fellow cohort are producing installations, animations, short documentaries, moving-image pieces, video games, and websites. …


Tesni Ellis

feminist. educator. Storytelling at Ryerson Student Affairs.

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