Tessa, I hear you on all of that.
Kristi Coulter

Thank you for your grace in response to my comment. I apologize if I came across as snarky and appreciate you acknowledging and exploring the privileges of recovery/ addiction while wealthy. I shared this article with a few of my friends in recovery as well who deeply related to and were moved by your story. We will certainly all be picking up your book- plug away sister!Certainly we all have different wounds in different places, we break and we heal in different ways. I know my reaction is a projection of shame for not being able to quit sooner, for getting a grip before I lost it all- job/ career, partner, money, savings. But I can relate to your comment in a different way. I do not have a criminal record, so I could hide behind that. I wonder if I had been arrested and forced to detox in jail, would I have entered recovery earlier? Would it have helped me stop hiding underneath a guise of being the “good girl?”

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