Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple
John Risby

This is the same kind of response I recieved from Apple when I had issues with my iPhone 6. They tried to blame me for issues with the sceen going partially blank. I had never dropped my phone or done anything to cause the problem. I first heard an problem existed from a phone repair guy when I stopped into his store. He called it touch disease. When people give it a name you know theres a problem. I came to find out that many others were having problems and a law firm was working on a lawsuit. I ended up working out a deal with the Apple store but I wasn’t nearly as upset about the issue as I was with the way they handeled it. My future with the company remains unsure. I don’t know if I will buy any more products from them because of the way I was treated.

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