Five Ways To Build An On-Trend Successful Food Product

Shopping: Image Credit: Tessa Stuart
  1. Is your product plant-based? Excellent. Vegetarians everywhere will thank you. So will the planet. And, you’re bang on trend.
  2. Does your product make people’s lives easier? Cauli Rice’s lower calorie rice alternative, made from cauliflower grains, in a portable microwaveable pouch, works for weight-watchers cutting down on carbs. They can tell themselves it’s rice. For busy vegetarian teachers, it’s a godsend — no tiresome chopping, there in the cupboard, perfect after a long day in the classroom.
  3. Is your product better? Rude Health’s on the go (yep, convenience again) porridge pots don’t use skimmed milk powder. Almonds provide texture, creaminess and protein. And top taste. And, they’re dairy free too.
  4. Have you sized it right? Not too big. If you’re too generous, you won’t make any money, and your business won’t survive. Harsh, I know. But unfortunately true. There’s a trend to miniaturisation — especially in indulgent categories like chocolate bars. Look at Green and Black’s 35g handbag sized bars. Portion control right there. Or Nakd bars. At 75p, they fly off the shelves. An affordable healthier treat, say shoppers to me.
  5. Are you using breakthrough branding, so you look different and stand out on shelf? The Collective Dairy use wide tubs and shiny black lids so their yoghurt commands attention up against Danone and Muller.

And my final tip? Look at savoury vegetarian ideas. There just aren’t enough out there yet…

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