Your Dream Man is Mr. Clean

‘Cleaner of your Dreams’ — Mr. Clean Superbowl Advertisment

Mr. Clean is a successful cleaning product and cleaning solution that is known for their mascot the man Mr. Clean himself. Mr. Clean is depicted as a young male with a muscular figure, so why not play off that depiction for an advertisement. The Cleaner of your dreams advertisement shows Mr. Clean in a sexual sort of manor where he begins to take over the cleaning work for the women. His muscles are moving and the woman starts to get into it and take out her hair almost like she is interested in this Mr. Clean man. Then Mr. Clean sort of disappears and the woman goes back into reality and her average, everyday looking husband appears. The company identifies themselves right away through the appearance of their ‘mascot’ and the tasks that he is preforming. They quickly zoom into Mr. Cleans’ face, which is the same thing that appears on the top of all their products. Therefore anyone would be able to identify what sort of product he or she are watching before they have to see the ending where the company name is identified.

The advertisement is targeting adult demographic specifically older women, in a humorous way. An older women would get a good laugh out of the commercial because it is something they want there husbands to look like while they clean, but just the reality of ones husband just wanting to clean is just as great. The advertisement is written in a narrative structure there for there is a story to be told.

Exposition: The ad starts out with a woman in the kitchen noticing that cleaning down, but she is not so thrilled about that.

Rising Action: Mr. Clean shows up and is reading to take on all the messes that are present in the kitchen and then he goes on to clean whatever room needs to be clean with whatever products that are available. The women is showing so much interest and affection to Mr. Clean because she is super interesting in what he is able to do with her home.

Climax: ‘Sarah’!! The women name is then called multiple times and Mr. Clean disappears and she is back into the reality world.

Falling Action: The womens’ husband appears holding cleaning supplies as if he has been cleaning the whole time.

Action/Resolution: The woman is so happy about that she just has to kiss him.

Keith A. Quesenberry’s research indicates that following something similar to a narrative structure will make someone more interested in the sort of advertisement they are watching. This is super successful especially during the Superbowl because there is more interested to view the ad as well has share it and generate a awareness for the ad. This will then get everyone and anyone to see the advertisement and be affected by it in some sort of way. Specifically the Mr. Clean add was one of the most successful ads during the 2017 Superbowl because there was an ability to create and memory and interest, specifically for women and husbands.