The Creators Project: These Artists are In-Credible!

Many people, blogs, websites, articles and magazines claim to be the “know all” on certain topics, but in this age of information and technology, how do we know what to believe and what is just opinion or frankly garbage?

Easy, we assess the source, check out the links or references, and answer a series of questions to understand the level of credibility of something we read or hear. You don’t want to be responsible for spouting false truths, do you?

For this investigation, the credibility of a popular art website known as The Creators Project was tested. To cut to the chase, this website was found as a credible source, as well as a stellar platform for artists to showcase their work to raise awareness about the issues they are passionate about. This was concluded due to its range of well-known creators, contributors, and artists from all around the world who support and advocate for this site; as well as the breadth of art and information covered by well established authors, and finally the credible sponsors and art platforms that add to its credibility.

From the Art Collection of David Bowie

David Bowie endorses it so it must be credible right? Well, thats not exacly how it works, but in the art world it helps. A long line of credible contributors make The Creators Project possible. Basically, you can’t get any more credible than the artists themselves showcasing their work on this site for all to see. Each project is created by an artist and presented onto the website by the artist themselves or within a collaboration.

Salvador Dalí’s Rare Erotic Cookbook Is Getting Reprinted-read about it Here!

This website began as a spin-off of the magazine Vice created by Shane Smith and partnered with Intel. Now The Creators Project has been carried on by over 600 creators from around the world including some of this biggest names in the art scene such as Karen O, Daft Punk, Spike Jonze, M83, Benh Zeitlin, Animal Collective, The xx, Chris Milk, Florence and the Machine, Amon Tobin, Matt Pyke, Anthony Wong, Supermarche, United Visual Artists, David Bowie and Barney Clay. Each of these links will open a new door of self-expression contributing to the wonderful world that is The Creators Project.

JR animates the ghosts of immigrants past with ‘Ellis’ starring Robert De Niro

The artists of today are striving to raise awareness not only of the struggles of immigrants today, but also the immigrants of yesterday. Within this website there was an article that pertained directly to the topic of how art is doing its part to raise awareness about immigration and the refugee crisis. Multimedia artist JR shares his opinion of how awareness about the history of immigration plays a vital role in societies awareness of the current state of immigration in the world, specifically New York City. Heidi Harrington-Johnson shares JR’s views in an interview done in 2015 titled “Artist JR on Immigrants and How Art Can Change the World.” This article introduces a documentary by JR, starring Robert De Niro titled Ellis, sharing the history of Ellis Island and the families who left their homes to immigrate to America. The main argument in this article is that art can change the world. The author Heidi Harrington-Johnson has a long line of credentials that make her qualified to write on this subject. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Australia and is currently completing her masters in Journalism at NYU. She contributes to Artforum International Magazine, Vice Media’s The Creators Project, and Monrowe Magazine as a freelance writer and critic and has been awarded by the United Nations for volunteering as a journalist. This is just one example of the brilliant work that is displayed on The Creators Project website which adds to the credibility of the website as a whole.

“The World’s Best Photojournalism Arrives in London” article from The Creators Project

Technology leaders behind the arts show avid support for The Creators Project! The final piece of research that was done to further prove that this website is a credible source is the backing of sponsors and art platforms presented throughout this site. Intel is one of the main sponsors as well Adobe which is a well used tool for most artists within the media and art industry. The Creators Project includes daily video and editorial content, an official YouTube Channel, original artwork commissions and global events. Each of these elements add to and play a vital role in not only the success of this website but also its continued credibility by keeping these technologies current and changing with the arts.

I encourage you to explore using any of the links throughout this post. By now you must be forming an opinion, what do you think? Can art change the world? Please share your opinion below and contribute to this movement!

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