Personal Victories in 2015

2015 was a bad year for me (and for many of you!), but here are the small triumphs I’ll try to cling to as I look back on it.

Cooking: My writing, which has in the past been my port in the storm, went all to hell this year. Depression is a hell of a disease! That said, my cooking got soooo good. By my standards, okay? I’m not going to start a blog about it or anything, dig? But in a year where I found little succor, I discovered that I could stand at the stove and restore something of my creativity and sense of confidence, not to mention develop new skills. It didn’t count for much more than my comfort, but it’s hard not to feel immense gratitude for that alone. Anyway, invite yourself over for dinner whenever.

Nasal irrigation: I’m ending 2015 the same way I started it — with congested sinuses. But if I’ve learned little else this year, it’s that this shit works and is a pleasantly disgusting ritual.

Seeing movies I love in a theater for the first time: Manhunter (where I ended up seated next to Brian Cox’s wife and was astounded by just how visceral the light and sound in that movie are in that environment), The Thing (where I remembered how truly funny that movie is, in addition to everything else), Dark Star (which made me want to shoot a movie as much as anything could), Mulholland Drive (lol, okay this was actually a disappointing experience because the audience was so awful), Jaws (I cried with joy when Brody shot the shark), Showgirls (which is shot more beautifully than you remember and which knows exactly how funny and scary a movie it is). I’m doing this every year ‘til I die!!!!

Meeting people from the internet: Nothing new for me, but I’m always pleasantly surprised at how consistently rewarding it is to spend time with my digital friends in corporeal form. And sometimes they teach you to embroider.

Finding out you won’t die from swallowing a small piece of glass by accident: Don’t swallow a small piece of glass, but if you do, you might not die. It cost me a $200 trip to urgent care to find this out because I had bad insurance. :)

Okay, folks, that’s it! Have a happy new year and clean your jewelry, for real, it’s filthy.

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