Put dill on an egg.

I have a recommendation for you, and it’s this: put dill on an egg. Doesn’t matter what preparation. Any egg. Put dill on it.

Hard boiled egg? Put dill on it. Fried egg? Put dill on it. Scrambled egg? Put dill on it. Poached egg? Put dill on it. Fresh dill? Dried dill? Doesn’t matter. Any type of dill will be great on an egg.

Maybe you’re already putting dill on an egg. Maybe you invented putting dill on an egg. If that’s the case, I have one question for you: why didn’t you tell me about it? You were going to keep that to yourself?!?!?

I’m not saying putting dill on an egg will change your life, but I do kind of feel like Prometheus right after he stole fire from the gods to bring it to humans but before he got caught and strung up on that rock to have his viscera gnawed on by large carrion birds, or maybe like the person after Prometheus already did all that who stumbled upon the fire Prometheus stole and didn’t see Prometheus around anywhere, so for all they knew, they were the person who discovered fire and they went running to their friends like “Have you guys heard about fire?” Dill! On! An egg!

Put dill on an egg.

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