Big white room

It was too quiet, too peaceful to be true. He should have known better. But he was hoping it was over, hoping to return to his everyday routine, but instead he was in a big white room. He could not figure out where he exactly was and why. He didn’t want to be here, he knew that for sure. He wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere normal and free. Like he used to be. But he had to stay. He was wakening up more and going crazy, not able to figure out where he is and what had happend. He started moving his arms around and hit one of his arms against the bed and it hurt. His arm was covered in bandages. He started thinking what could have happend and then a big black woman in white clothes walked in. ‘’Hello Eric, how are you feeling?’’ She asked him and then sat down next to him. ‘’Where am I? What happend?’’ he asked while holding his arm up. ‘’You don’t remember?’’ She asked him, looking worried. He shucked his head and she sighed. ‘’Eric, your parents found you on the bathroom floor, covered in blood. You had cut your arms and wrists open.’’ Eric was shocked when she told him that and then she continued. ‘’Eric, congratulations, you’re dead.’’