You are so kind, Tessa, especially to take so much time andH write such an excellent reply to my…
Ardith McCann

Ardith, that is one excellent and epic “rant”! Yes, that is most definitely a compliment! And thank you so much for your generous words toward me — I can say all the same right back at you. I think what’s happened here is we just really click! I love when that happens; it doesn’t happen that much for my introverted self so it’s indeed a pleasure. :)

You’ve essentially summed up nearly all my major issues with the platform. You can see all the parts I highlighted — I would’ve highlighted it all but was trying to practice more controlled highlighting, heh! I will definitely check out Mikey Hamm, whom I am following, but maybe thanks to Al Gorithm I’ve missed his pieces popping up in my feed.

I really appreciate your three-fold list which perfectly encapsulates what I sought (seek? Is it worth still seeking, I wonder?) from Medium as well. As it stands right now I find myself wondering if I just ought to really reduce my time here. I think my real-life productivity would greatly increase, and that’s pretty important at this point in the year and in my life in general. However, there are a few things giving me pause. I want to keep Otherworlds going for people who appreciate its community concept; though that depends as much on participation as anything I can do as curator-”editor.” Also, I do not want to lose touch with you and a good handful (or two?) of writers with whom I have made especially enjoyable authentic connections. So I guess I’ll keep trying to muddle out the best “solution” ..

Anyhow.. please know I hear you and am totally cheering you on whatever you decide you might want to do next. I’ve been making sure I catch any comments you send me, and I’m so grateful for the connection with you, Ardith. :)

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