Oh, Ms Tessa, while in the depths of unending insomnia nights, earlier today I found myself…
Ardith McCann

Ardith!! What a lovely response piece, thank you very much.. To know you enjoy my stuff so much is such a great honor. Seriously.

Re. the creative stuff, and just as one opinion from someone who’s been in love with creatively expressing myself through writing since a child, I think you nailed it yourself: it is about writing whatever moves you. I think you already understand this, but to ramble to a friend, this place makes me feel like writing here is wasteful. I’ve always hugely disliked wasting things: food on my plate, paper, recyclables, other stuff, my own time and effort. So that’s my struggle for now — one I just need to get over.

Anyway, I really needed to hear your words of wisdom. They and you are greatly appreciated. :)